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What is Smarty App?

Smarty is a taxi application developed by the creators of the Clever Taxi app, acquired in 2017 by myTaxi and later transformed into Free Now Romania.

The advanced technology of the Smarty mobility platform allows customers to quickly find an online taxi in Timișoara that will safely take them to their destination. Ordering a taxi online in Timișoara is done with a single click, and the taxi ordered through the app arrives in the shortest time.

Why use Smarty App in Timișoara?

You can use the Smarty App for taxi orders in Timișoara to quickly and safely book a taxi (for taxi orders in Timișoara).

Smarty App is the application where you have all the taxis in Timișoara at just one click away, using a fast, secure, and convenient online taxi ordering method in Timișoara.

See here how you can use the taxi app and all the features and functionalities Smarty has to order taxi.

Taxi app in Timișoara

Smarty is the only taxi app in Timișoara where you can pay for your taxi ride with card, cash, cryptocurrency, and corporate/business payment methods.

Order a taxi through the Smarty app in any neighborhood or area in Timișoara, including Blașcovici, Braytim, Bucovina, Calea Aradului, Calea Lipovei, Calea Șagului, Cetate, Ciarda Roșie, Circumvalațiunii, Dâmbovița, Elisabetin, Fabric, Fratelia, Freidorf, Ghiroda, Girocului, Kuncz, Mehala, Olimpia-Stadion, Plăvăț, Plopi, Ronaț, Soarelui, Steaua, Tipografilor, Torontalului, Zona Odobescu, or any other area in Timișoara.

With Smarty's help, we can take you from Calea Martirilor to Zona Soarelui, from Calea Șagului to Cetatea din Timișoara, or from Mehala to Calea Sever Bocu. No matter where you are and where you want to go, we find you a taxi quickly and efficiently.

Smarty is also available in the adjacent localities and surroundings of Timișoara, such as Dumbrăvița, Ghiroda, Giroc, Rudicica, Chișoda, Utvin, Săcălaz, Moșnița, Sânmihaiu, and Remetea Mare. You can use Smarty to travel from Gara de Nord Timișoara to Dumbrăvița, from Ghiroda to Moșnița, or from Chișoda to Piața Unirii in Timișoara.

If you need to take a longer trip to Traian Vuia International Airport, the quick solution is to order a taxi with Smarty.

It doesn't matter where you are or where you want to order a taxi, whether it's in Timișoara or the surrounding areas, Smarty will find the nearest available taxi for you.

Timișoara airport taxi

You can use Smarty to order an airport taxi in Timișoara (taxi from Timișoara to Traian Vuia International Airport and taxi from Traian Vuia International Airport to Timișoara), for the transfer taxi from the Airport to Timișoara or transfer taxi from Timișoara to the Airport.

Taxi fares Timișoara / Taxi price Timișoara

The taxi fares in Timișoara are around 3.3 lei/km during the day and fall within the medium price range for taxi fares in Romania.

The taxi fares are differentiated based on the taxi dispatch center of the driver, the time of day, travel mode (moving or stationary), and the zone where you are traveling (internal - within the city of Timișoara or external - outside the city).

In Timișoara, there is a differentiated travel fare depending on the time of day, with different fares for daytime and nighttime taxi service, ranging between 3.46 lei/km and 3.97 lei/km at night.

The waiting fares are expressed in lei/hour of waiting and are usually 10 times higher than the travel fare, varying between 33 lei/hour during the day and 40 lei/hour at night.

For online taxi order in Timișoara through the Smarty taxi app, the fares are the same as those displayed physically on the taxi car doors.

Which taxi dispatches / taxi companies in Timișoara do we collaborate with?

We have only certified, authorized, and verified taxi drivers from all licensed taxi dispatch centers and taxi companies in Timișoara. Here are some of the taxi dispatch centers in Timișoara from which we have drivers: Fan Taxi, Tudo Taxi, Radio Taxi.