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What is Smarty App?

Smarty is a taxi application developed by the creators of the Clever Taxi app, acquired in 2017 by myTaxi and later transformed into Free Now Romania.

The advanced technology of the Smarty mobility platform allows customers to quickly find an online taxi in Constanța that will safely take them to their destination. Ordering a taxi online in Constanța is done with a single click, and the taxi ordered through the app arrives in the shortest time.

Why use Smarty App in Constanța?

You can use the Smarty App for taxi orders in Constanța to quickly and safely book a taxi (for taxi orders in Constanța).

Smarty App is the application where you have all the taxis in Constanța at just one click away, using a fast, secure, and convenient online taxi ordering method in Constanța.

See here how you can use the taxi app and all the features and functionalities Smarty has to order taxi.

Taxi app in Constanța

Smarty is the only taxi app in Constanța where you can pay for your taxi ride with card, cash, cryptocurrency, and corporate/business payment methods.

You can use Smarty to order a taxi in any neighborhood of Constanta: Tomis Nord, Faleza Nord, Inel 1, Inel 2, Tomis III, Boreal, Palazu Mare, Tomis Plus, Coiciu, as well as from Mamaia and Navodari.

Use the Smarty app to order a taxi from Tomis Nord to Faleza Sud, from Agigea to Casino Constanta, from Mamaia to Constanța Train Station, or Lacul Tăbăcăriei.

Or maybe you want a taxi for a longer ride to Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport.

Smarty este disponibil pe tot litoralul, în toate localitățile din jurul orașului Constanța, în stațiuni precum Mamaia, Eforie, Neptun, Olimp, Saturn, Vama Veche, Năvodari, Techirghiol, Costinești, Mangalia.

It doesn't matter where you are or where you want to order a taxi, whether it's in Constanța or the surrounding areas, Smarty will find the nearest available taxi for you.

Constanța airport taxi

You can use Smarty to order an airport taxi in Constanța (taxi from Constanța to Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport and taxi from Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport to Constanța), for the transfer taxi from the Airport to Constanța or transfer taxi from Constanța to the Airport.

Taxi fares Constanța / Taxi price Constanța

The taxi fares in Constanța range between 3.17 lei/km and 3.29 lei/km during the daytime and fall within the medium price range of taxi fares in Romania.

The taxi fares are differentiated based on the taxi dispatch center of the driver (each dispatch center having its own fare), the time of day, and the travel regime (moving or stationary).

In Constanța taxis, there is a differentiated travel fare for different times of the day, daytime taxi fare, and nighttime taxi fare, ranging between 3.19 lei/km and 3.49 lei/km during the nighttime.

The waiting fares are expressed in lei/hour of waiting and are usually 10 times higher than the travel fare, ranging between 31 lei/hour during the daytime and 35 lei/hour during the nighttime.

For online taxi order in Constanța through the Smarty taxi app, the fares are the same as those displayed physically on the taxi car doors.

Which taxi dispatches / taxi companies in Constanța do we collaborate with?

We have only certified, authorized, and verified taxi drivers from all licensed taxi dispatch centers and taxi companies in Constanța. Here are some of the taxi dispatch centers in Constanța from which we have drivers: Taxi Mondial, City Taxi Constanța, General Taxi, Romaris Taxi, Scorpion Taxi, Sageata Taxi, Taxi Mimo.