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What is Smarty App?

Smarty is a taxi application developed by the creators of the Clever Taxi app, acquired in 2017 by myTaxi and later transformed into Free Now Romania.

The advanced technology of the Smarty mobility platform allows customers to quickly find an online taxi that will safely take them to their destination. Ordering a taxi online is done with a single click, and the taxi ordered through the app arrives in the shortest time.

Why use Smarty App?

Smarty App is the application where you have all the taxis at the distance of a click, using a method for quick, safe, and convenient online taxi ordering. You no longer waste time searching for taxi numbers. You simply choose your destination, see the estimated cost, and travel safely!

How does it work?

  • We automatically locate you on the map when you open the application (or you can manually set your pickup location).

    You can see on the map the taxis in your area, as well as the estimated pickup time

  • You set the destination where you want to go

    There are quick suggested destinations on the main screen relevant to each city and your preferences, such as Henri Coandă Airport, Baneasa Airport, North Railway Station, or Old Town

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  • You see the fare estimate for the indicated destination

  • You choose your desired payment method (cash, card, cryptocurrency, corporate/business payment method)

  • You choose the desired service and place the online taxi order with a single click

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  • We connect you directly with the nearest available taxi driver

    You receive all the details about the vehicle and the driver who picks you up: make and model of the car, color, license plate number, driver's rating from passenger reviews, estimated arrival time

    You can always see the driver's position on the map and the route taken towards you

    You can communicate directly with the driver:

    - through real-time chat, in a WhatsApp-style format

    - you have the driver's phone number and can call them

Taxi tracking
  • We take your feedback seriously, so at the end of the trip, please provide feedback on the driver and the journey

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How do we differ from other taxi ordering apps?

Smarty emerged from the passengers' need for quality taxi services, and we have made it our goal to provide the best experience.

With Smarty, you travel safely because all our taxi drivers are legally certified, authorized, and manually verified by the Smarty team. The drivers have impeccable cars, are all professionals, and have a good knowledge of the city they operate in, minimizing the time spent in traffic and providing a quality experience.

All Smarty drivers accept card payments, and you can pay with your card for any ride made through the application.

In which cities can you use Smarty App?

You can use the Smarty App taxi application, available for both Android and iOS phones (iPhone and iPad), to quickly and safely order:

and in the rest of the big cities in Romania.

Additionally, Smarty can be used for airport transfers (from the city to the airport and from the airport back to the city), such as taxi transfers from Henri Coandă Airport to Bucharest or from Bucharest to Băneasa Airport.

See here the list of cities where Smarty is available.

How can I pay for the taxi ride?

Smarty is the only taxi app in Romania that allows you to pay for your taxi ride with card, cash, cryptocurrency, and corporate/business payment methods.

Which taxi drivers and taxi dispatchers do we collaborate with?

We collaborate exclusively with certified, authorized, and verified taxi drivers from all authorized taxi dispatchers in Romania. Examples of taxi dispatchers in Bucharest that we work with include Speed Taxi Bucharest, Meridian Taxi, Cristaxi Bucharest, D'artex Taxi, Taxi Pelicanul, Leone, Taxi Titan.

Estimating the cost of the taxi ride

You can use the Smarty app to see an estimate of the taxi ride cost before selecting the destination and placing the order.

Smarty Taxi App for Android

Smarty is available for all Android devices with Google Play, with a minimum OS version of 6.0.

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Smarty Taxi App for iOS

Smarty is available for all iOS devices, with a minimum OS version of 14.0.

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